All photographs by Anna Tan and Pak So with the exception of the images and photographers credited herein.

All vintage photographic images and illustrations are from the collection of Pak So and credit is given where the artist is known. Many vintage images are from early photographs or postcards where the artist remains unidentified. Any credit omissions are unintentional and will be corrected in future printings.

Postcard image by K. M. & Co.: A Coolie of Hongkong, 1

Illustration for The Hong Kong Travel Association: Hong Kong brochure, 1

Postcard image by Daibutsu, Hong Kong: Hongkong Chinese at meal, 6

Postcard image by Galyons, London: Chinaman, Hongkong, 14

Photographic image by Sam Kwong: Portrait of a Lady, 27

Photographic image for Government Information Services:
Tai Chi Chuan, 34

Photographic image by A. Hing: British sailor, 37

Original opium letter from Bombay: Jardine, Matheson & Co., 39

Postcard image by K. M. & Co.: Man Mo Temple, 60

Photographic image for Paramount Pictures Corporation: The World of Suzie Wong, 90

Photographic image for Twentieth Century-Fox: Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing, 107

Postcard image by Hongkong Pictorial Postcard Co.:
Dragon boat race, 116

Photographic image for British Information Services: British marines and Chinese women, 119

Postcard image by Dan Sweeney: Peninsula Hotel, 134

Postcard image by Orient Publishing Company: Sidewalk Letter-Writer, 156

Photographic image by Pacific Area Travel Association: Bun Festival, Cheung Chau, 187

Postcard image by National Co.: Amah Rock, 223