All photographs by Anna Tan, Pak So, and Pak Ki So with the exception of the images and photographers credited herein.

All vintage photographic images and illustrations are from the collection of Pak So and credit is given where the artist is known. Many vintage images are from early photographs or postcards where the artist remains unidentified. Any credit omissions are unintentional and will be corrected in future printings.

Photographic images by Ray Jerome Baker: Molokai Maiden, 1; Keiki, 9; Net Fisherman, 127; Waterfalls, 160; Farmer, 160

Photographic images courtesy Dole Food Company: James Dole, 38; Pineapple to Cannery, 89

Photographic image by A. Nielen: Ukulele Girl, 50

Photographic image by U.S. Marine Corps: Leave In Hawaii, 68

Illustration for Island Curio Co.: Natives at Leisure, 73

Photographic image for RKO Radio Pictures: Children in Pineapple Field, 102

Photographic image for Max Basker & Sons: The Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai, 105

Photographic image for News of Hawaii: Baby Octopus, 127

Photographic image for Ray Helbig's Hawaiian Service: Hotel Molokai, 129; Molokai Sea Cliffs, 161; Kalaupapa Leper Settlement, 210

Photographic image for Pan Am: Molokai Sea Cliffs, 161

Photographic image for Sheraton Molokai Hotel: Sheraton Molokai, 164

Photographic image by J.J. Williams: Kalawao, 219

Photographic image for Neil Tepper: Molokai Guided Mule Tours, 222