All photographs by Anna Tan, Pak So, and Pak Ki So with the exception of the images and photographers credited herein. A big mahalo especially to Pak Ki So, a contributing photographer, for flying to Maui and taking the journey with us.

All vintage photographic images and illustrations are from the collection of Pak So and credit is given where the artist is known. Many vintage images are from early photographs or postcards where the artist remains unidentified. Any credit omissions are unintentional and will be corrected in future printings.

Illustration by Ruth Taylor White: Map of Maui, 1

Photographic images by Mike Roberts: Waterfall, 9; Hawaiian Airlines Super Convair, 50; Lei Seller, 50; Lei Stringer, 179; Lei Stringer, 190; Ulaino Waterfall, 203; Lei Making, 206; Hotel Hana-Maui menus, 219, 222

Photographic images by Ray Jerome Baker: Iao Stream, 67; Hula Girl with Ukulele, 67; Surfer, 177

Illustration by Frank MacIntosh: Hula Girl with Fishing Net, 151

Illustration by John Kelly: Breadfruit, 164

Illustration by Ted Mundorff: Red Hibiscus, 168

Photographic image by Hobron Smith: Island girl with orchids, 173

Photographic image by J.J. Williams: Tasting poi, 183

Photographic image by Werner Stoy: Bird of Paradise, 190

Photographic image by Billy Howell: Island girl with flowers, 203

Photographic image by Manuel Tan Jr.: Banana Slug, 213

Photographic image by Underwood: Charles Lindbergh, 233